Wireframes and Tools to Create Theme A Beginner’s Guide

Wireframe is a guide that shows the structural framework of the website. It is also known as prototyping, page schematics or screen blueprints. It shows the structure or layout of the website. Wireframes are used to arrange systematically the elements or features of the website to carry out a task. The task or purpose can be of any business idea or any creative idea.

When we are using wireframing or page schematics are of very low cost while designing. The cost is almost negligible. But it contains a very high throughput. These designs show a practical implementation of the blueprint which is made in the mind of the designer. There can be many methods to implement the idea of the designer on computer like Photoshop or coding but the best way is to draw it on paper. Although it is a very old technique, but it is still widely used in form of wireframing. Wireframing is exactly the same technique of putting your ideas on paper. Different pages of websites are drawn using some common elements which are essential in all websites. It is a kind of novice for the web design.

General – the wireframe

Before using a wireframe, you must know its exact working. This is simply a layout of the website with all the specific elements on paper. As a website constitutes of different shapes and boxes, these elements are also drawn on the paper. This technique is not relative about coding infect its relative to the design implementation on paper.

Wireframing or Photoshop design?

Wireframing deals with the web design on paper but its alternative is visual designing. For visual designing you can use visual drawing tools such as photo shops  Although this is very easy and latest technique, still it has some drawbacks, most important of which is it is not flexible. You cannot create all the modelling constraints on Photoshop  While designing on the Photoshop  you must keep track of colours or fonts which make the process slower and less flexible. This technique is useful for experts rather for beginners.

You can take the ideas of client, draw it on paper and you can simply design a website.This is it J

Prototyping Stage

The most important and crucial requirement for a website designing using wireframes is that the designers and clients should work together. The task of client remains in the designing phase; he has no work in the coding phase. This phase is so important because after this phase, you can’t have any opportunity to show your talents and skills. This is the only phase to show your talents to your client and bind him to your skills.

The client should focus on the design elements of the layout rather on the font or colors or other elements like it. These can be managed in the coding phase but in designing phase, the client should focus on the design elements only. The designer will give you the basic idea in this phase about the design of the website.

 Prototyping Tools

There are some tools which are used for wireframe designing or prototyping. These tools can be used instead of paper. These are alternative to paper.


This tools helps to gain experience of a genuine website. It allows you t create such prototypes which you can navigate through. You can also click on such wireframes. This tools is easily available wih a facility to sign up for free.


This tool allows you drawing. This provide you an almost experience of drag and drop. You can arrange the elements and you can also minify or magnify the elements.

 Pencil Project

Pencil tool as the name specify, allows you to draw diagrams easily. This allow you GUI prototyping as well


This tool provide you with some built in templates too design your webpage. This tool doesn’t provide any design pattern. This tool doesn’t allow you drawing so HTML is not the requirement of this tool. You can download the built in template with a single click.

Flair Builder

This tool allows direct communication between the user and the machine i.e it allow interactive wireframes. This tool provide easy and fast wireframes creation environment. It has some components that provide easy drawing techniques.