30 Top Level Blogging Widget Resources


We have many blogging applications top of all of them is word press which is all time a famous blogging application which is working for you from many years.WordPress provides us with vast range of applications. You can use your own theme, you can edit your own them, you can update your own themes and you can update and use …

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30 Fresh AJAX Tutorials And Techniques


Ajax (an abbreviation for asynchronous JavaScript and XML) is a group of interconnected web development methods used on the client-side to generate asynchronous web applications. By Ajax, web applications can direct data to, and re-claim data from, a server asynchronously (in the contextual) without meddling with the display and performance of the existing page. Data can be re-claimed by means of the XMLHttpRequest object. In spite of the name, the use of XML is not …

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30+ Brilliant Examples of Photo Manipulation Art


Photo manipulation (also called photo shopping) is the presentation of image editing methods to photographs in order to produce an illusion or deception (in contrast to just enhancement or improvement) after the original photographing took place. Afore computers, photo manipulation was attained by retouching with ink, shade, double-contact, piecing photos or negatives organized in the darkroom, or rubbing Polaroid’s. Air-brushes were also utilized, whence the term “air-brushing” for influence. Darkroom manipulations are occasionally regarded as outdated …

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40 Extraordinary Alluring Hand-picked Icon Sets DeviantART


Now a days there are a lot of sources for taking pictures but there is one website which provide you with the best and high quality handpicked pictures and that is deviant Art. Deviant Art, LLC (formalized as deviantART shortened as dA) is an online community showcasing numerous forms of user-made artwork. Deviant Art aims to deliver a platform for any artist to show and discuss works. …

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35+ Best CSS Tutorials and Examples


Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a style sheet language utilized for relating the appearance semantics (the look and configuring) of a document inscribed in a markup language. It’s most communal application is to flare web pages written in HTML (hypertext markup language) and XHTML, however the language can also be useful to any type of XML document, together with basic XML, SVG and XUL. CSS states a priority structure to govern which style rules …

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Ultimate Collection of Coming Soon and Under Construction Templates


There are many websites which will find themselves in a position where their website is under development or under construction and they don’t want to see that construction to their users,that is where the coming soon and under construction templates are useful for them.A under construction template is a page showing the progress of the web site completion looks like “The web page …

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38 Professional Free Fonts For Your Typography 2013


Typeface words for the fonts are taken when you are using them in HTML and XHTML. As we all know that HTML is very famous form of website designing and creating, with the help of HTML you can design beautiful and attractive sites in few minutes. HTML helps you in adding beautiful typeface in your websites and allows you to …

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Best Heart Touching Love Poems And Quotes


Love is always a very soothing emotion in us and can be seen as the most beautiful creation of God.Without love there is nothing in us,the only thing which binds us together is the sense of care and love.Without love human will behave like animals and thus our survival will become impossible.Every relation requires love and kindness and without these …

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38 Exclusive Free And Premium Tumblr Themes


The popularity of tumblr themes is increasing day by day, it is a social networking website. Tumblr is providing many top quality services to its users this is one of the reason of the popularity of the tumblr in the fast moving world. Even you can’t find such quality images, blogging themes anywhere or in any website except the tumblr …

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Ways To Recover Your Hacked WordPress Site Or Blog


Hacker is a person or a programmer who is very clever in sense of trying different things in order to get someone else passwords and tricks and can access that person account completely. This Term Hacking is used the internet world for a person who can access someone other account of any website or any other social media and also …

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