Top 12 Sites For Online Video Chatting


¬†Now a days the trend of video chatting is increasing very rapidly.People prefer with a video call rather than a phone call or texting. With the invention of video chat software Skype,the popularity of video chatting is increasing very quickly.With the video chat you can see the guy with which you are talking and can note his feelings or expressions. …

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70 Innovative Office Necessities Ideal for Designers and Developers


¬†Designers as well as developers have a very difficult job as they have to work continuously for 8-10 hours in a day.Working in such a tough routine makes it very hard to work so all the office supplies should be available in order to mentain the physicality as well as the mentality of our web designers and developers. As we …

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10 Free and Top-Quality Online Photo Editors


Now a days many softwares are available for photo editing like photoshop,picassa,gimp etc and they almost have all the features which a photo editing software should capable of.But there is a problem with all of these which is thay have to installed on the computer before using them. To cope with this problem technology changes his trend and a messive …

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7 key And Important Lessons I Learned in Web design

knowledge paradigm

I am involved in this filed of web design from many years.This is very broad filed.This filed has many advantages.This field providing us with many types of facilities and standard in all aspects.You can get everything best in this filed.Web design involves many skills during productions of any websites. There are many areas of web design. Here I am to …

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30 Web Designs Featuring Beautiful Scenes of Nature


Now a days to promote your web site it is necessary for us to improve the look and feel of our site so that the user can be attracted easily.Design of the web site should match with the imagination of the user in order to prmote our web site. There are a lot of web designs available but the category …

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7 Simple Yet Great Exercises to Keep A Freelancer in Shape


Freelancers spend most of thier time by working on computers and this tough schedule often results in many problems like eye fatigue and laziness.Sometimes freelancers have to stick with thier work 24 hours in order to complete the work on time.All such things point towards one instruction that every freelancer must do a proper exercise in order to keep themselves …

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50+ Most Popular Tumblr Quotes


Before doing with tumblr quotes it is very important to know what is tumblr and what does it mean.Tumblr is a miniblogging and social networking web site which is owned and operated by Tumblr Inc.Tumblr is very useful for bloggers to make the posts for thier blogs because it provides Dashboard for making posts.You can learn more on Tumblr here. …

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30 Extraordinary Fanciful Food Photo Manipulations


Photo manipulation is also called photoshopping and before the arise of photo editing softwares like photoshop it was used as a source of editing the pictures.Photo manipulation is used in many aspects of daily life like journalism,glamour photography etc.Sometimes digital editing of photos is also called photo manipulation. Photo manipulation changes our thinking by converting the images from real world …

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Best Heart Touching Love Poems And Quotes


Love is always a very soothing emotion in us and can be seen as the most beautiful creation of God.Without love there is nothing in us,the only thing which binds us together is the sense of care and love.Without love human will behave like animals and thus our survival will become impossible.Every relation requires love and kindness and without these …

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30 Impressive Uses Of Typography in Web Design 2013


Typography in web design is very unique and beautiful technique which helps in making languages visible. It mostly involves your selections of typefaces as well as point size, line length and all other important thing which is very important in designing a good typography. You can perform typography by compositors, by typographers as well as by graphic designers and art …

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