Bizarre & Potent Police Cars In World

Each car is manufactured with the thought of possessing a unique effect and driving style.It is a common perception that law enforcement officers are using boring sedans. But it is not widely known that some police departments in the world are also using potent and bizarre cars to chase the criminals.

Gone are the days when the police was on road with VW beetle  . In Germany, automotive giant of the world, police patrolling cars have plenty of power under the hood because bad boys are growing up with the growth of technology. Bavarian police, of course as the name suggests are in love with BMW 3 series.

In Britain, Police are actually a little fast to react. They are more in love with Subaru Impreza rather than the newly born son to Kate which the world assumes so. British are not afraid to take chances unlike Germans. They included Mitsubishi in their police squad as well.  Many believe quite strongly in the fact that a British and French may not like to go on a long drive together however British police appreciates the use of French engineers Peugeot 308S by their police officers.

In Italy there are so many fascinated police cars.Italian police drives Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560-4, their best hunter for thieves. Don Giorgio and Giuseppe have left with no choice than to remain on a constant run.

The land of never ending opportunities, the U.S are using Hummer H3 as a patrol car to ensure the enforcement of constitutional freedom. Ford crown victoria is also becoming popular among U.S cops. Thanks to them who left the Sedan which was a dream car of every U.S cop back in 80s.

Well my search for such stunning cars last night took me even to a bigger surprise when I came through this post, where I found the most fast, economical, small and cheapest cars of the world all in one list. It forced me to think about the second last car of the last, Bugatti Veyron Super Sport. Naturally it came to my mind that who would be the first country to use Bugatti as a tool to crush cons. One thing is for sure, You would find me the first to review, celebrate and share this achievement with you.

Ahsan Hayat

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