30+ Cool And Best Quotes on Friendship

The word friendship means a ‘state of mutual trust and support between the people’ whereas love means a ‘strong feeling of affection’. To some extent, we can also say that friendship is a specific type of love. For me a friend is person that is noteworthy. Friendship is such type of relation in which you can share each and everything with your friends. These things may include the most sacred feelings i.e: happiness and most crucial times of your life that can be said melancholy. In his relation, a friend is that person who tells you about yourself truly and he is always there for you during thick and thin. In other words a true friendship is a sort of extension for you without that your life is incomplete. The long and short of the story is that a friendship is the most devotional, blessed and holy relation of someone’s life.

On the other hand love is an emotional or sentimental feeling regarding someone. Love can be for parents, for God, for friends and long list that goes on. Love has different kinds of meanings for different people or in other words it is a type of feeling for which different people have different psychological approach. According to my point of view, it is everything for a woman. Mostly women who have true love in their lives do not go for friendship because they believe in sharing each and everything with just a single person. While in case of men, there is always a need of good friend besides a lover because they think that to whom they love cannot understand each and everything properly.  In fact, men are a stronger segment of society and they do not want to show their weakness in front of their loved one.

In this article you will get quotes  on friendship. These all are the best quotes on friendship so download these top and best quotes on friendship.

True Friend

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