30+ Life Making Encouraging Quotes


Some moments comes in our life when we lose all hopes. We are hopeless and we thing that we have lost all happiness of life. These are the very hard moments of life when you are feeling very alone and you have no one to share your pains and the bad time of the life. In these moments of life …

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30+ Heart Touching Broken Heart Quotes


Life is combination of happy and sad moments. We spent both moments of life in different style. It is true that during the happy moments of life we have everyone with us to share our happiness and spent time with us. but once come a bad time in our life we have no one who can share pains . We …

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30 Deep And Meaningful Inspiring Quotes


Life is beautiful when their is happiness in our life. Life looks dull and boring when you have not any happiness in life and you have reasons to smile. When you have no reasons to smile and laugh in the world than it becomes hard for you to live the life that gives you cheer and happiness. Life is the …

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30+ Cute Babies Special Moments Pictures


Everyone like beautiful things around them. Babies are one of the cutest things or creation around us that make us happy and become the reason of our smile and happiness. Everyone was baby during his time of life. The time which you spend as a baby is the best time of your life as you may enjoy lot when you …

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30+ Stirring Quotes About Life


Life is beautiful but it is also tough. Every picture has its two sides. Likewise if there are pleasures in life, then there are sorrows too. It is upon us how we deal with challenges. They are waiting for us at each and every stage. A true man is man of valour and strength. He accepts the challenges bravely. Life …

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30+ Cool And Inspiring moving on quotes


Encouragement is something which is fed into us right from our childhood. When fathers say “ Son! Two more steps” with holding our fingers ,when the teacher say “ keep it up and work hard”,When our friends lift us up after a failure in an exam by saying “ koi nahi yar agli br or mehnat kar li” . Encouragement …

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30+ Cool And Best Quotes on Friendship


The word friendship means a ‘state of mutual trust and support between the people’ whereas love means a ‘strong feeling of affection’. To some extent, we can also say that friendship is a specific type of love. For me a friend is person that is noteworthy. Friendship is such type of relation in which you can share each and everything …

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30+ Best And Cool Happiness Quotes


Positive and good emotions known as happiness. Happiness is very important part of life. One can only understand the importance of the happiness when he passed through some tough time of the life. Happiness makes your mind fresh and create new opportunities in your life. Sadness is another fact of life. If there exists not any sadness in life than …

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30+ Aggravating Motivational Quotes


Motivation is something which encourages us to do something bigger. It inspires us to try and achieve success. This word is derived from ‘emover’ which means to move. Motivation is a state of mind which helps us to never fall down. Sometimes we are tired in life. If we do not have any motivation at that stage then we may …

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30+ Beautiful And Inspiring Cute Quotes


Some there exists many beautiful things around us and we are not aware of those things. Our small step will take us to that beautiful things but we have lost all the hopes of life and never want to search for the happiness. Happiness i the great blessing of the world which we only understand during the bad time of …

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